• DC Special Guest Announcements Have Started!

    If you haven’t heard, the first of many creators who are attending Playlist Live D.C. have been announced!

    Now friends, this is only the beginning. As the event approaches, we’ll keep you up to speed as to who’s coming. So if you want to you stay up to date with this, be sure to check out our special guest page for the newest additions :)

    Is your next question about meetups? Don’t worry. You haven’t missed anything yet! We’ll fill you in on all of that good stuff on a later date. To refresh your memory about our meetup process, read up about it here.

    Are you guys ready for Playlist Live? Because the adventure is just beginning! -- <3 Playlist Live

  • Buy your tickets to Playlist Live now!

    Buy your tickets to Playlist Live now! Buy your tickets to Playlist Live now! "pinch yourself" Okay, you're not dreaming. This is happening as you are reading this! You can start purchasing your tickets to Playlist Live D.C. & Orlando right now, like this very second. Click here to purchase your tickets. If that wasn’t exciting enough, once you purchase your ticket use the #Playlistlive and enter to win an official Playlist Live Gibson Guitar. More information on the guitar giveaway to come shortly! See you all soon! : )

  • Washington D.C., The Evergreen State.

    I pledge allegiance to the Playlist…wait what?! Yeah, you read that correctly. We are so excited to finally announce that our next event will take place in Washington, DC on September 4-6, 2015! To get first hand information on Playlist Live DC, be sure to check back here & our social media sites daily! As we work through the details, we’ll be sure to update you guys along the way. As you finish reading this, we scanned your brain and gathered all the questions running through your head. Check out FAQ section for the answers. Cant wait to see you all in September!

  • The World Center Marriott is where the heart is

    That’s right. We’re bringing it back to the World Center Marriott in April. We are thrilled to be hosting Playlist Live for the sixth time on April 22-24, 2016. Have you guys seen our recap video yet? Never been to Playlist Live? Check out the Official 2015 Orlando Recap Video Here! Make sure to stay connected with us here, Facebook, & Twitter (For exclusive top secret, behind the scenes footage of our event) Are the questions starting to pile up in your head? Head to our Orlando FAQ section and see if we’ve answered your question :) TTYL. Is that still a thing? Well we just brought it back.

Playlist Live Recap Videos

Playlist Live Recap Videos


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